Wednesday 29 April 2009

From Saja

** English readers note when Saja says "Camden" she means the Dar Assadaqa Community Centre in Abu Dis that everyone there knows as Camden!!
Dear Friends

My name is Saja Abdalla and I am 14 years old I have one sister and two brothers my hopes are swimming writing drama and reading stories its very beautiful chance to meet friends and people from outside Palestine to talk about human rights and to do plays that talk about the situation here I really hope to visit the famous building in London and I also hope to go to the largest wheel in the world and swimming poles too

I don’t live a perfect life in Palestine or in Abu dees because of this occupation if you know we cant go to Jerusalem because of wall and checkpoints even its near us but there is nothing we can do about it and I really wish to live like the other kids in the world and I also wish to have all my human rights

I have been in Camden ** for like 4 years I was taking English lessons with different teachers and I think Camden** is a great place for people because it give them the needs that are not in other villages or countries in Palestine so thank you all for everything and I hope you will not be disappointed

Saja Abdalla
With love

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